Dia de los Muertos

Paul Rodriguez- Limited Signature Run


Having spent over two decades and oftentimes referred to as the Kobe Bryant of Skateboarding P-Rod to his fans has not only mezmorized the young and old he has truly evolved a sport commonly synonymous with Southern California.


From being one of only four athletes in the history of team Nike to having ten or more signature shoes P-rod has truly transcended a sport and numerous generations of what is possible when hard work meets opportunity.


Much like his last Cinco De Mayo inspired boxing shoe of 2018.  Paul’s ability to cross brand while bringing awareness to his culture has always been near and true to his heart.  Because of his Mexican Heritage, Tequila Comisario teamed up to bring this limited run Dia de los Muertos Tequila to pay homage to those who have passed and those who are born. 

So from his family to yours Salud!!

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Please Drink Responsibly

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